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All bats in the UK use high frequency sound (echolocation) to
orientate themselves and find food in the dark.

Introducing BATS & The Millennium Link. A study of bats and their use of canal corridor habitat in the Central Belt of Scotland

Neil E Middleton, Christopher Gould, Craig R Macadam, Shoana Mackenzie and Kirsty Morrison
The BATS & The Millennium Link (BaTML) project was launched in late 2000 with a view to studying the bat populations along and adjacent to the canal network that connects the east coast of Scotland with the west coast. Primarily the project set out to study three species of bat, namely; Myotis daubentonii, Pipistrellus pipistrellus and Pipistrellus pygmaeus. We herewith provide an overview surrounding the background to the project along with a summary of the various challenges we sought to tackle. In addition to this, where appropriate to do so, we comment upon progress to date with regards to some of our initial objectives.

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